Anna Chwistek


I’m Anna, a food nerd and ramen junkie with a constant hunger for cooking.

I was born in Krakow, as a little girl I lived in Budapest, later as a teenager I moved to Belgium. Again a new environment, culture, people and language. But also my first student job, nothing fancy but nonetheless important, I became a dishwasher in a local restaurant. It was hard work but for some reason it was exiting to see how a kitchen becomes alive, filled with people who are shouting, running, laughing or sometimes even crying. But who all shared the same passion.

Slowly it became clear, I would abandon my dishwasher and make that kitchen my battlefield. Not long after I got my chance, decided to go all-in and opened a little place together with my friend.

Now, years later and after a few other projects, I figured out that there’s only one mission for me: to convince you all that cooking is nothing but pure joy and delicious food is really not that hard to make.

Serving Dumplings is my creative space, where I write about food and share my favorite recipes. I hope that I can inspire you to cook and sit together at the dinner table with friends or family and bring joy to your lunch or evenings.

Thanks for following along!

always hungry,