German Schnitzel in Paprika Sauce

slice bell peppers into thin strips

finely chop the  red onion

mince the garlic

chop the parsley

heat oil over medium high, add peppers, cook for  5 minutes

add onion and garlic, cook for 2 minutes

add sweet paprika, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, sugar and cayenne pepper

deglaze with chicken broth, cook for 1 minute

stir in  tomato paste

add puréed  tomatoes

add parsley  and cream

simmer for 15 minutes

meanwhile, grate the  emmentaler

cover the pork cutlets with plastic wrap, pound until 1/4 inch / 6mm thick

season both sides with salt and pepper

whisk the eggs, in a shallow bowl

first dip the cutlets in flour

then the egg mixture

finally, dredge in breadcrumbs

heat oil over medium, add schitzels

fry 2 minutes per side

when ready, add schnitzels to the paprika sauce

sprinkle with emmentaler

garnish with black pepper and parsley