Fried Kielbasa Potato Skillet

slice the  kielbasa sausages

peel and cut the  potatoes into  bite-sized pieces

deseed and slice  the bell peppers

thinly slice  the onions

mince the  garlic cloves

chop the chives

heat butter over  medium high,  add kielbasa

fry until golden brown,  about 5 minutes

remove from skillet

add peppers,  cook for 3 minutes

add onion and garlic,  cook for 2 minutes

add potatoes

stir in salt, pepper,  paprika, cumin,  organo, thyme  and chili flakes,  cook for 3 minutes

pour in broth,  cover, simmer  for 15 minutes

when ready,  add kielbasa  and chives,  fry for 3 minutes