Creamy Salmon Pasta with Bacon

cut salmon into bite-sized pieces

mince the garlic

heat oil in a skillet

add panko, toast until golden

season with salt & pepper, remove from skillet

add oil & butter

add bacon

cook until crispy & brown

remove from skillet

add salmon chunks

season with salt, pepper & paprika

sear on both sides

cook penne in salted water

remove salmon from skillet

add garlic, cook until fragrant

scoop up 1 cup pasta water, deglaze the skillet with 2 tbsp pasta  water

add tomato paste

stir in spices

add some cooking water

pour in cream

drain the pasta

add to the sauce

add bacon, toss to combine

add sun dried-tomatoes

gradually stir in Parmesan

add salmon

finish off with parsley