Bacon Gruyère Potato Skins

prick the potatoes  all over with a fork

rub potatoes with  olive oil and salt

bake 30-40 minutes  at 400°F/200°C

chop the chives

cook bacon  over medium high  until crispy,  about 3 minutes

to aa large bowl,  add Greek yogurt,  salt, pepper, garlic  powder, Gruyère,  chives and bacon

remove potatoes  from oven,  check the doneness,  let cool slightly

slice off the tops

carefully scoop out  the soft centers,  add to cheese mixture

add melted butter,  pureé the potatoes  and stir to combine

stuff the  cheesy mixture  into potato shells

sprinkle with Gruyère,  bake for 10-15 minutes  until golden

top with chili flakes  and chives

finish off with black  pepper and crispy bacon