Ravioli al Forno


finely chop the onion

mince the garlic

chop the basil

chop the  mozzarella balls

heat oil and butter  over medium in a  large ovenproof skillet,  add ground beef

break up into pieces,  cook until browned

add garlic  and onion,  cook for  3 minutes

add salt, pepper,  thyme and  cayenne pepper

deglaze with  red wine,  simmer for  2 minutes

add puréed tomatoes,  bring to a boil,  simmer for 5 minutes

meanwhile,  boil ravioli al dente  in salted water

when ready,  drain

stir in mozzarella  and basil

toss in ravioli

sprinkle with  grated emmentaler

top with chili flakes,  bake for 15 minutes  at 400°F/ 200°C