Mushroom Bourguignon

roughly chop  the mushrooms,  tear the shiitakes  into smaller pieces

slice the  shallots in rings

mince the  garlic cloves

slice the carrots into  thin half moons

chop the parsley  and thyme leaves

heat your skillet  over high heat,  add mushrooms

sear for 2 minutes,  then stir and cook  until they've  released moisture

add olive oil,  cook until brown

add shallots,  garlic, carrots,  salt and pepper,  cook for 3 minutes

stir in flour

pour in red wine,  simmer for  2 minutes

stir in  tomato paste

add parsley,  thyme and  bay leaf

add vegetable broth,  bring to a boil,  simmer for 20 minutes

meanwhile,  bring broth  and milk  to a simmer,  add polenta

cook according  package directions

add salt, pepper  and Parmesan

stir until smooth,  add more broth  if needed