Gochujang Eggs with Yogurt


dice the chorizo

grate the garlic cloves, keep them separated

heat a nonstick skillet over high, melt butter and add chorizo

cook until crispy, remove from skillet

add spinach, stir until slightly wilted

add salt, pepper, garlic and lemon juice simmer for 2 minutes

meanwhile, divide yoghurt  among 2 plates

divide spinach among plates

crack 2 eggs into the  skillet, cook for 4 minutes

meanwhile, combine gochujang with maple syrup, paprika and garlic

add butter to a saucepan, stir until golden brown, then add oil

add butter to gochujang mixture, stir to combine

place egg on top of  spinach, drizzle with gochujang butter

top with salt, pepper and chorizo crumb