Baked Drumsticks with Cream of Mushrooms

combine drumsticks with  paprika, garlic powder,  cumin, turmeric,  salt and pepper

chop the mushrooms,  tear the shiitakes into  small pieces

finely chop the onion

mince the  garlic cloves

chop the parsley

heat oil and butter  over medium high,  add drumsticks

cook 5 minutes  per side

remove from skillet

add mushrooms,  cook until  golden brown

add onion and garlic,  cook for 2 minutes

stir in flour

add chicken broth

pour in cream

stir in soy sauce,  rosemary  and parsley

add drumsticks

cover and bake  for 20 mintes  at 400°F / 200°C

remove foil  and bake for  20 minutes more