White Chicken Chili with Cream Cheese


mince the garlic

finely chop the onions

chop the green chilis

heat oil over  medium low

add onion, garlic and green chilies, cook for 3 minutes

add salt, black pepper,  chili flakes, oregano,  paprika and cumin,  cook for 2 minutes

add chicken fillets

pour in  chicken broth

add bay leaf, cover, bring to a boil, simmer for 15 minutes

when ready,  transfer chicken  onto a clean plate

add milk and  cream cheese,  stir to dissolve

stir in cheddar

add cannellini beans and corn, simmer for 10 minutes,  stir often

meanwhile, shred the chicken

prepare the toppings, chop the cilantro and scallions

add chicken,  lime juice and black pepper, simmer for  5 minutes