Turkish-Style Meatballs with Warm Yogurt Sauce


to a bowl, add beef,  garlic powder, dried onion, salt, pepper,  cumin, cinnamon,  cayenne pepper, egg yolk and breadcrumds

mix until just combined

roll into meatballs

to a bowl, add yogurt, grated garlic, tahini and sumac

stir to combine

heat oil and butter over medium, add meatballs

brown all over, about 5 minutes, remove from skillet

deglaze with chicken broth, simmer for 2 minutes

add 5 tbsp broth to the yogurt mixture

whisk and add the yogurt mixture to the skillet

bring to a simmer, add meatballs and cook about 5 minutes

top with pine nuts, parsley, black pepper and chili flakes