Swedish Meatball Pasta Bake


finely chop the onion

mince the  garlic cloves

to a bowl, add ground  meat, breadcrumbs, egg, nutmeg, dried onion, garlic  powder, salt and pepper

mix until  just combined

roll into 2 tablespoon  sized meatballs

roll into 2 tablespoon  sized meatballs

boil pasta al dente  in salted water

heat oil and butter  over medium high  in an ovenproof pan,  add meatballs

brown all over

remove from pan

add butter,  garlic and onion,  cook for 3 minutes  over medium low

stir in flour

add beef broth,  bring to a boil

add salt, pepper,  Worcestershire sauce  and mustard

pour in cream,  simmer for  3 minutes

drain the pasta

toss with sauce

add meatballs

top with  Gruyère cheese  and black pepper

add chili flakes,  bake 20 minutes   at 375°F/190°C