Spicy Beef Stew


finely chop the onions

mince the garlic

roughly chop  the walnuts

heat a large pot  over medium high,  toast walnuts,  remove from pot

heat oil and butter,  add half of the beef

place in a single layer,  sear for 2 minutes,  then cook until brown

remove from pan

add the remaining beef,  sear for 2 minutes,  the cook until browned

add garlic  and onions,  cook for  3 minutes

add the rest  of the beef

stir in salt, pepper,  cumin, coriander,  turmeric and  brown sugar

add flour,  stir until  incorporated

pour in  beef broth,  add bay leaves

stir in sambal oelek,  cover and simmer  for 1 hour

add walnuts  and raisins

cover and simmer  for 40 minutes more

stir in parsley,  enjoy!