Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

slice the mushrooms

dice the onion

mince the  garlic cloves

chop the parsley

heat your skillet  over high,  add pancetta,  cook until crispy

remove from skillet  onto a plate layered  with paper towel

place shrimp in  a single layer,  season with  salt and pepper

sear 1 minute  per side

remove from skillet

add mushrooms,  cook until browned

meanwhile,  boil tagliatelle  al dente  in salted water

add garlic, onion,  and thyme,  cook for 2 minutes

stir in red pesto

pour in cream

scoop up 1/2 cup  cooking water,  drain tagliatelle

add 1/4 cup  cooking water

toss in  tagliatelle,  shrimp  and parsley

top with pancetta  and chili flakes