Shakshuka with Chorizo

finely chop the onion

mince the garlic

cut the roasted pepper in thin slices

slice the chorizo

heat oil in an ovenproof skillet, place chorizo in a single layer, cook undisturbed , 1 minute

add Serrano ham, cook for 1 minute

remove from skillet

add onion and garlic, cook until fragrant

stir in spices

add tomato paste, stir for 1 minute

deglaze with chicken broth, simmer 2 minutes

add plum tomatoes, break up into pieces

add green peas and 1/2 chorizo/Serrano, simmer for 5 minutes

turn off the heat, add the eggs

top with roasted pepper and the remaining  chorizo and Serrano

sprinkle with black pepper and red pepper flakes, finish off in the oven