Scallops in Creamy Parmesan Wine Sauce

finely chop the shallot

mince the garlic

chop the pistachios

pat the scallops dry

season with salt, pepper and paprika

heat oil in a skillet

add sage leaves, cook until crispy

remove from skillet

melt butter

place scallops in  a single layer

sear for 3-4 minutes, turn, sear for 1 minute

remove from skillet

add onion and garlic, cook until soft

add lemon juice and spices

pour in white wine, stir to dissolve brown bits

simmer for 2 minutes

add cream, simmer until slightly thickened

stir in Parmesan

add scallops, simmer for 30 seconds

top with pistachios, chili flakes, black pepper and sage leaves