Easy Tomato Risotto


dice the shallot

mince the  garlic cloves

halve the  cherry tomatoes

chop the  roasted peppers

heat oil and butter in  a heavy bottomed skillet  over medium

add shallot  and garlic, cook for  2 minutes

add salt, pepper,  oregano, basil and  chili flakes

stir in  tomato paste

add rice, cook for  1 minute

add broth, 1/2 cup at a time

cook, stir often add broth as each  addition is absorbed

repeat for  15 minutes

add tomato purée

add cherry tomatoes and roasted peppers

simmer for  5 minutes or until the rice  is al dente

meanwhile,  chop the basil

chop the  mozzarella ball

pour in cream

stir in Parmesan

add butter, basil and mozzarella

turn off the heat, top with black pepper and chili flakes,

cover, let stand for 5 minutes