polenta with creamy miso mushrooms


finely chop the shallot chop the parsley         mince the garlic

slice mushrooms in bite-size pieces

heat the skillet over high heat

add mushrooms, fry 5-7 minutes

add 3 tbsp olive oil

add garlic & shallot, cook 1 minute

add sage, thyme, soy sauce & miso

stir until combined

season with black pepper, add sun-dried tomatoes

add cream and chopped parsley

simmer on low heat, while you make the polenta

bring water & milk to a boil

add polenta, stir for 3 minutes

stir constantly

add Parmesan, season with salt & pepper

stir in butter

add milk, if polenta thickens too much

turn off the heat, cover let stand for 2 minutes