Moroccan-Style Cod

pat the cod fillets dry,  season with  salt and pepper

chop the carrots

deseed and chop  the bell peppers

finely chop the onion

mince the  garlic cloves

chop the cilantro

heat oil and butter,  over medium high,  add bell peppers  and carrots

cook for 3 minutes

add garlic and onion,  cook for 2 minutes

stir in salt,  pepper,  cumin and  coriander

stir in tomato paste,  and harissa

add cilantro and  chicken broth,  bring to a boil

lay the cod fillets  in the sauce

sprinkle with  lemon juice,  cover and simmer  over low  for 8-10 minutes

top with cilantro,  black pepper  and chili flakes