Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Pasta

slice the mushrooms

mince the garlic

chop the parsley

cook spaghetti al dente  in salted water

heat your skillet over medium-high, add bacon, cook until crispy

remove from skillet

add mushrooms, cook until they start to brown

add oil if needed, cook garlic  for 1 minute

add salt, pepper, paprika and Italian seasoning

deglaze with white wine, simmer for 2 minutes

add flour, stir until incorporated

add milk, stir until combined

pour in cream

stir in Parmesan, simmer for 2 minutes

scoop up 1/2 cup cooking water, drain the spaghetti

toss spaghetti, bacon and parsley with sauce

add a splash of cooking water, toss until glossy

finish off with black pepper and parsley