Potato Cheddar Soup


grate the cheddar

roughly chop  the cauliflower

peel and chop  the potatoes

peel and chop  the carrot

chop the leek

roughly chop  the onion

chop the garlic

cut the bacon  into lardons

chop the chives

heat oil  over medium,  add garlic  and onion

add carrot  and leek,  cook for  3 minutes

stir in flour

add potatoes  and cauliflower

pour in broth,  add salt  and pepper

bring to a boil,  cover, simmer  for 15 minutes

meanwhile,  cook bacon  over medium high  until golden brown

transfer to  a plate  layered with  paper towel

when ready,  add milk and  mix the soup

add cream cheese

mix until smooth

stir in cheddar,  serve!