Pork Steaks with Mushroom Sauce


remove the  silver skin from  pork tenderloin

cut tenderloin  into 1 inch/2,5cm  thick steaks

season both sides  with salt, pepper  and paprika

slice the mushrooms

dice the onion

mince the  garlic cloves

chop the parsley

heat oil and butter  over medium high,  add pork steaks

sear 3 minutes  per sides

remove from skillet

add mushrooms,  cook until they  release moisture

add oil,  cook until  golden brown

add garlic and onion,  cook for 2 minutes

season with salt,  pepper and thyme

stir in flour

pour in  chicken broth,  simmer for  1 minute

add cream,  simmer for  2 minutes

stir in parsley

add pork steaks,  simmer for  3 minutes

top with  black pepper  and parsley