Pepperoni Chicken with Burrata

cut the chicken fillets in half lenghtwise

season with salt, pepper and paprika

mince the garlic

finely chop the onion

cut the cherry tomatoes in half

heat oil in a large skillet

place pepperoni in a single layer

bake until crispy

remove from skillet

add butter, stir until melted

add chicken fillets

cook for 3-4 minutes on both sides

remove from skillet

add garlic and onion, cook until soft

pour in white wine, simmer for 2 minutes

stir in tomato paste

add tomatoes and spices, cook for 3 minutes

pour in puréed tomatoes

nestle chicken in sauce, simmer for 5 minutes

break the burrata  between the chicken

top with crispy pepperoni, thyme, black pepper and red pepper flakes