meatballs in tomato sauce with orzo

add ingredients  for the meatballs  to a bowl

mix until  just combined

roll into 2 tbsp sized balls

finely chop the onions

mince the garlic

heat a non-stick  skillet,  over medium,  add oil

add butter

add meatballs

brown on all sides

add cherry tomatoes, cook for 3 minutes

remove from skillet

add onion  and garlic, cook until  fragrant

deglaze with  2 tbsp broth

add salt, pepper,  oregano, paprika  and chili flakes

stir in  tomato paste

add orzo

pour in  chicken broth

stir and bring  to a boil

add puréed  tomatoes

cover, cook  for 15min stir occasionally

when ready, add Parmesan

and stir in parsley

stir until combined

add meatballs

cover, simmer  for 5 minutes