Lemon Chicken with Potatoes


season both sides of the chicken thighs with salt and pepper

cut 1/2 lemon into thin slices, then cut the slices in half

cut the potatoes into wedges

mince the garlic

chop the parsley

heat oil and butter over medium, add chicken thighs skin side down

cook for 10 minutes, moving them around every couple of minutes

turn, cook for 5 minutes

remove from skillet

add garlic,  cook for  30 seconds

stir in salt,  pepper  and oregano

add potatoes, cook for 2 minutes

pour in broth

add chicken thighs skin-side up

sprinkle with lemon juice, bake for  20 minutes at 400°F/ 200°C

next, add lemon slices and crumble feta on top

season with black pepper, bake for 20 minutes more at 320°F/ 160°C

when ready, finish off with parsley and lemon zest