Cabbage and Chicken Stir-Fry

cut the  chicken fillets  into thin  bite-sized pieces

combine with  soy sauce,  white pepper  and cornstarch

core and  roughly chop  the cabbage

grate the  garlic cloves

grate the ginger

chop the scallions

heat oil over  medium high,  place chicken  in a single layer,  fry for 1 minute

next, stir fry  for 2 minutes

remove from skillet

add oil  and cabbage,  stir fry for  3 minutes

add garlic, ginger  and scallions,  fry for 1 minute

add sugar,  soy sauce,  mirin and  sesame oil

add water,  cook for 1 minute

add chicken,  stir for 1 minute

stir in chili flakes