spicy shrimp pasta in tomato cream sauce


  peel and devein the shrimp,   mince the garlic,   chop the shallot

   heat the skillet,    add oil and panko,    toast until golden

    add oregano,     cook for 1 minute more

remove from skillet

    add oil and shrimp,     fry on high heat

season with salt and pepper

flip and sear the other side

remove from skillet

add oil, garlic and shallot

     sauté  for 2 minutes,      scrape up any brown bits

boil the pasta in salted water

    add white wine,      cook for 3 minutes

add pureed tomatoes

stir in cream

    add fish sauce, chili flakes,     thyme, oregano, salt and pepper

add sun-dried tomatoes, simmer for 10 minutes

     add shrimp, reheat      gently on medium heat