Butternut Squash Beer Risotto


peel the butternut squash

cut into thin slices

cut into strips

then dice the strips

mince the garlic

finely chop the onion

chop the parsley

grate the Parmesan

heat a large skillet over medium high, add pancetta, cook until crispy

remove from skillet

add butternut squash, cook for 3 minutes

add garlic, onion, salt, pepper and dried sage

stir in rice

pour in beer

simmer for 2 minutes

add warm broth, 1 ladle at a time

cook while stirring, adding broth as each addition is absorbed

repeat until the rice  is tender and al dente

when ready, add Parmesan

add butter, cover, turn off the heat, let stand for 2 minutes

finish off with  black pepper

top with pancetta and parsley