Beef and  Mushroom Goulash

quarter the  mushrooms

mince the  garlic cloves

thinly slice  the onions

heat your pot  over medium high,  add mushrooms,  cook until they  release moisture

add oil,  cook until browned,  remove from pot

add oil and butter,  place half of the beef  in a single layer,  sear for 2 minutes

next, stir  and cook until  brown on all sides

remove from pot

add the remaining beef,  sear for 2 minutes,  then cook until browned

add garlic and onion,  cook for 3 minutes

add the rest  of the beef

add salt, pepper  and cumin

add flour,  stir until  incorporated

stir in  tomato paste

add paprika,  sugar and  beef broth

bring to a boil,  cover and simmer  for 1 hour

next,  add mushrooms,  simmer for  40 minutes

when ready,  stir in parsley